On behalf of Lyndel Sellers
Dear School Co-ordinators,

Registrations are now open for Reader’s Cup 2012.  
  • Year 6/7 Competition is open to one team per school.
  • Year 8/9 Competition is open to 2 teams per school. Due to the large number of teams we are unable to offer reserves a place in a team but they are welcome to attend as audience members. 
  • This link provides more information regarding registration  http://readerscup.cbca.org.au/RegistrationInformation.aspx
The book lists have been approved by the CBCA and are listed on the Reader’s Cup web site. The lists are available so that co-ordinators are able to order books in readiness for the competition. Please do not specifically direct your students to this site as reading does not begin until the Easter holidays and I would like to ensure a “level playing field”. (Year 6/7, Year 8/9)

I will contact local libraries and book stores in Cairns and the Tablelands so that they can be prepared for your orders.

If you have plenty of students wishing to participate then you can run a “mini” Reader’s Cup at school or within your cluster. Each year on the Tablelands we have a “Friendly” practise version of Reader’s Cup and then take our best team from that afternoon’s event. We share the questions and answers for this event with all registered teams. You can be of great assistance in supporting Reader’s Cup by offering to read one of the titles and provide a selection of questions and answers for use in the “Friendly” and Regional competitions. I have attached a proforma for collating questions and I would be grateful if you could email me the book of your choice so that I can ensure that all titles are included.

I am really looking forward to working with you all again this year and hope that we can have as many students as possible reading and enjoying great literature. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information. I have attached a letter which you can change to suit your needs outlining Reader’s Cup for parents/students. There will also be a flyer to send home once the reading begins.

Lyndell Sellers
Malanda SHSlsell8@eq.edu.au